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Stick Wars

Stick Wars is an amazing, fun, challenging and extremely addicting game that you can play on the Internet. When you play Stick Wars, you will see right off the hilarity of this game because you are playing with stick figures. The idea behind the game is to control your army and specific formations, or you can play each individual character on its own. You have complete control over all of them, and you can mine gold, build different units, destroy your enemies’ statues, capture all the territories and more. Learn the way of the Spear, Sword, Archer, Giant and Mage. In the world known as Inamorata, you are surrounded by the most discriminating nations that are devoted to their individual technologies as well as their struggle for dominance over each other. Every nation has its own unique and innovative way in order to defend themselves and attack others. Every one of them is extremely proud of their unique and specific craft, that they have become obsessed with it to the point of worship, and have turned their weapons into a religion. Each one of them believe that their way of life is the only way, and are supremely dedicated to training their police forces to overcome all of the other nations through what their leaders are claiming to be as divine intervention. However, as you know it, it is called war.

The characters in Stick Wars are known as Archidonis, which is the way of the archer, Swordwrath, which is the way of the sword, Magikill, the way of the mage and Speartons, the way of the spear. You are the leader of the most powerful nation called Order, and yours is the way of peace and knowledge. Your people do not worship their weapons as gods as the other nations do. This, in turn, makes you a mark for infiltration by the nations that surround you. The only chance that you have to defend yourself and your nation is for you to attack first, defeat the others, and in turn obtain each of the technologies that each nation worships and uses along your way.

Stick Wars is an amazing fun flash game based on stick figures. Have lots of fun playing Stick Wars!

How To Play Stick Wars

Playing Stick Wars is extremely easy, fun and addicting. The controls for how to play Stick Wars are first and foremost the left click on your mouse. This allows you to take control of the characters. When you have taken control of the Miner, you use the space bar to make the figure mine gold, and in order to make him move you can either use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the letters W, A, S and D. When you have taken control of the Giant, similarly to the Minor, in order to move use the arrow keys or the letters W, A, S and D on your keyboard. To make him attack, you simply press the space bar.

Once you have taken over Archidon, you will use your mouse to control him to aim and fire, and the same letters and arrow keys on your keyboard in order to make him move up, down, right and left respectively. Taking control of Magikill, requires a little bit more effort on your part. In order to make Magikill stun and/or attack, you have to press the space bar. The movement keys are the same, but you can press the F on your keyboard in order to summon additional minions to help you in your fight. For Swordwrath (and Magikill Minion), you will use the same keys for movement, as well as using the space bar for attack. However, in order to protect yourself, you need to use the Q on your keyboard in order block others’ attacks against you. Finally, once you have taken over the great Spearton, it is the same keys on your keyboard in order to move him, and you also use the space bar to attack. But, unique to Spearton is the ability to block others advances as well as throws spears. To block, you will use the Q on your keyboard, and to throw spears you use the F.

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Such a great game! You create your own method to defend and attack your enemy! Looking forward for more stick wars games.